Bulletin No 25

Happy New Year – and what an exciting year it’s going to be!

We are on the last leg of the rebuilding and as you will have seen, the clear glass windows have been completed, and the new extensions are looking fantastic!

We are beginning to make decisions about finishes now and the last elements of permissions are with the DAC (the Diocesan body that approves any changes to churches) and we are awaiting the go ahead before ordering the furniture that people have been so generous in providing donations for.

The lights are in, and the first “picture” window – the new glass gable with its etched cross and symbols (see above) – is in place. And the cross is back on top of the tower – what a good day that was!

So it’s moving steadily forward towards an opening in April. We may miss Easter, but I’d rather it was not rushed at this stage … as I’m sure you would.

The only things that might be left to do after Croft complete their work are the installation of the bells and the final stained glass window, but that all depends on other factors we have no control over … we’ll keep you informed.

However, there is even more exciting news! With the re-opening of the church, with all its new facilities, I have been pressing the Diocese to take the opportunity to appoint someone to move into the Vicarage and start a new ministry among us – and although it’s taken 18 months of waiting and asking, they have agreed. So, the Bishop has asked me to oversee the training of a curate, which is like a vicar-apprentice, who will move into the vicarage in readiness for her ordination in June, and work among us for the next 3 years.

Her name is Vikki Bisiker, and she and her husband (Mick) will be moving here from Napton. They have 2 children (Tom and Emma)and a VW Beetle called Gigi. Vikki has worked as a trainee legal executive for several years before running her own entertainment company providing mediaeval banquets and murder mystery evenings, worked for CPAS developing their Falcon Camps, and some of you may well know her from the monthly informal service she and Mick run at Napton.

I shall still be around, but maybe more in the background as Vikki’s ministry grows. She is extremely capable and delightful, and I am sure it won’t be long before she is very much at home in our village community.

In the meantime, keep praying, keep encouraging the team, and keep looking forward to the day the church is handed back to us for us to use and enjoy for many years to come.


Martin Green’s Two New Releases for the Autumn

These latest offerings each have 11 tracks – a mixture of gentle instrumentals and powerful songs of faith, encouragement, and gratitude, in honour of so many who have inspired, supported and carried me through these years. These songs are footsteps along that journey…

For You…

A collection of 11 songs and instrumentals inspired by various people over the years. It includes “Finish Line”, a song dedicated to my father, who started me on this musical journey.

Ultimately, these pieces point towards the greatest story of all, and the hope and blessing we can know by being part of it.

Released 19.9.12

Redemption Morn

This second collection is another mix of songs and instrumentals. “Simeon’s Song” performed for the first time at the St Michael’s summer concert in 2012, is one of the highlights.

These are songs of faith, with all its struggles, and the joy of our Redemption Morn captured in the title track.

Released 19.9.12

CD’s are £10.00 each.

Postage and packing if needed is an extra £1.00.

Available from Rev Martin Green:

1 Manor Road, Bishops Itchington, SOUTHAM, CV47 2QJ

Email: CDsales@kerrins.net

Further details : www.martingreen.me.uk

Furniture List for donations

Below is a list of the furniture we need through donations.

If you would like to buy an item, or make a donation towards an item, please could you complete the slip at the bottom of this Bulletin here.

 Unit CostNumber NeededTotal £ Needed
Welcome desk + AV console1£4000
Communion Table1£1500
Chairs (50)£8050£4000
Chairs with arms (12)£10012£1200
Folding or stacking chairs (15)£50150£6000
Flower arranging stands£2516£400
Vacuum cleaner£3001£300
Low tables and chairs for children4+£500
2 Churchwarden staves£1252£250
2 kneelers for weddings£602£120
Digital piano,1£1400
or buy a piano key£1688
Communion kneelers£6415£960
Music stand£202£40
Wedding Gift Bibles£1015£150
Visitors book1£30
Archive folder1£40
Bespoke ash table1£340
Movable staging1£4600
Kitchen pack£202£40
Water boiler, crockery (mugs, side plates) new1£1160
Prayer Window1£13,500
Etched Gable 1£16,500
East Window1£12,500
War Memorial1£2,500
Millennium Window1£4,000

Update on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 11:12AM
Please note that items which have been struckthrough have already been funded.

Update on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 10:57AM
Further update

Bulletin No 23

Dear friends,

Many of you will have wandered down the track to look at the crane, and watched as it lifted the first of the roof beams across the churchyard. By the time you read this, there will be an even bigger crane in position to tackle the main beam for the nave … it is huge !!

It is so exciting to see the progress, and once it’s safe to do so, we are planning to have another open day when people can come and see it at close hand. The workmanship really is excellent. I’ll send the date round once the contractor has indicated when we might be able to do this.

Many people have also been asking about making a donation towards something for the new church, and I have prepared a list of things needed and you can read this in the next post or download it here.

If you would like to buy an item, or make a donation towards an item, please could you complete the slip at the bottom of the Bulletin (which can be downloaded here), and send it to:

Mrs Helen Robertson, 40 The Greswoldes, Radford Semele, CV31 1TP

Please include a cheque made payable to “St Nicholas Restoration Fund”

… and if you are able to Gift Aid your donation, the tax reclaimed can go towards items remaining at the end.

Please see the post below about buying a chair for the new church because some of you have been asking about buying a chair in memory of a loved one. There is a local engraver who has agreed to make small brass plaques and so if you would like to take advantage of this, please fill in the separate sheet and send it to Helen with all the details.

These are limited, as plaques can only be fitted to the wooden framed chairs, and we are planning to buy 62 of these.

I will also be putting this on the website and we shall try and keep that updated with how the list is going.

And may I also say a huge thank you to those who have made such generous donations already … we are so grateful, and it has been very moving to be on the receiving end of such warm support. A special word of thanks goes to those who organised and took part in the excellent Gnome Olympics. Thank you, and well done.

With warmest wishes

Rev Martin Green

01926 613466

Buying a Chair

We have had a few requests on how to purchase a memorial chair for the new church.

We have chosen 2 types – an upholstered wooden framed chair for everyday use in the Church, and a metal framed stacking chair which will be stored away and got out when we need to seat large numbers of people. The wooden framed chair will cost £80 and the stacking chair £50. We also wish to purchase some wooden framed chairs with arms which will bring the price up to £100.

You may be making your donation or buying your chair in memory of someone. If so, we have made an arrangement with an engraver, who will supply a small plaque and engrave it with the name of your loved one. Please note that only the wooden framed chairs can have plaques.

For those buying a stacking chair, or not wanting a plaque, we are also recording all donations and memorials wherever possible, to keep an archive of the project.

For more information, please download the order form from our Downloads > Documents section, here.

Restoration work continues

Exciting progress is being made as the restoration work continues through the damp summer.

Update on Friday, August 3, 2012 at 09:28AM
New photos have been added of the beam being craned into place.

Plants for Sale

Pam Coop will be selling plants in aid of the Restoration Fund.

There will be hanging baskets for sale and Pam will offer a refill service for baskets until the plants run out.

The address is Hill Cottage, 78 Southam Road, Radford Semele. Alternatively you can contact Pam on 01926 427636.