Bulletin No 6

Great news !!

We have just completed the first stage of work at the church, and the building is now secure and protected from the elements.

I have also managed to get confirmation that now that the contractors have left the premises, we may once again allow free access to the churchyard OUTSIDE the fencing compound.

I am so sorry that these last few months have been such a trial for so many of you, but thank you for your patience and understanding. We have had some concrete steps put in, with handrails, to help people climb the bank onto the level churchyard, and to minimize the danger of slipping down the bank if the grass is wet. Please be careful.

We are also able to offer supervised access to the cremation plots – these will have to be limited times only, and those visiting the plots will have to wear protective hats (which we can provide).

The times are as follows, and will be posted on the fencing and on the website.

Sunday afternoons : 2.30 – 4.30pm
Wednesday evenings : 6.30 – 8.00pm

We shall start this on Sunday July 20th

As the church will now be hidden from sight behind its protective sheeting until the rebuilding is complete, the church gathered there to remember, and to thank God for the memories invested in the old building.

I offer the prayer we used below, for those who would like it – it is a prayer for us as a church and a community, as so many of us have shared important parts of our lives here:

Almighty God,
Thank you for the times of joy and celebration we have spent here,
for the times we have met you;
for the times you have touched us and warmed us with you Spirit;
for the times you have healed us and spoken into our hearts.
Lord this is our spiritual home – broken and spoiled
You know how our hearts are broken for our loss – for things and memories that will never be reclaimed. But you are a God who makes all things new.

So we pray for your grace to accept this place we have arrived at today – that we may give to you our treasured memories and special moments, that they may bring you glory. For they stand for the steps we have taken closer to you.

We ask that you would be sufficient for us, and as we leave this place in your hands to be renewed, please continue to lead us step by step. Keep us from standing still in the past, and clinging to the old – and renew us in your way by your precious Spirit.

For we ask this in Jesus name, our Lord and Saviour who died and rose again, and reigns forever.


Rev Martin Green

Choir Concert at St Nicholas

The Royal Naval Association Male Voice Choir, in combination with the Karousels Ladies’ Choir is staging a concert at St. Nicholas Church, Warwick on Saturday 27th September, in aid of the Restoration Fund.

The event will start at 7.30pm, and tickets – priced at £5 – will be available in early August from Vic Gardner on 01926-422958.