Bulletin No 21

Dear friends,

It is now almost exactly 4 years since the fire, and this is news you have all been waiting for !

I am delighted to tell you that we have today been able to issue a letter of intent, appointing a contractor to start work on the church.

The tenders that came back in January were all above the budget set, and so we have had an interesting time, reducing costs and altering the specifications. As a result we have omitted a number of items that can be added back into the job at a later date, should we be able to make further savings or find extra funding.

But the good news is that work will begin, and the contractor is being invited to start work on April 16th – once the Easter break is over.

I can’t begin to tell you what a relief this is – it has been such a struggle to get over the various hurdles that have been put in our way, and I am sure that once work begins, and the church begins to take shape, there will be a growing excitement and anticipation around the village.

The appointed contractor is Croft Building & Conservation, based in Cannock, who are just completing a major work on Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. They have great experience in restoring heritage buildings and have worked with some members of our design team already. We are very confident that they will produce some top quality work for us, and we are really looking forward to them arriving on site.

It seems appropriate that they arrive just after Easter – a time in the Church’s year of celebrating new life and hope. It’s a time of emerging and discovery, a time when the pain and confusion of the cross is replaced by the healing and clarity of resurrection. It’s when new life takes shape, and the construction work at the church can be modelled in our own lives of faith. So please do feel free to join us in our Easter celebrations, and please continue to pray for the work of restoration in our church and village.

Easter Services
April 1st : 10.00am Palm Sunday Quality Time
A short service for all the family to celebrate Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem

April 6th : 10.00am Good Friday Family Service
A service to remember the events of the first Good Friday, followed by Hot Cross Buns ! (For those who want to trek across to Bishops Itchington after this, The Pilgrim Puppets are at St Michael’s church at 11.00am too)

April 8th : 9.30am Easter Day Celebration

April 29th : 4.00pm Village Songs of Praise