Bulletin No. 3

Dear Friends

It has been good to see the work continuing apace in the clear up process. There is a very clever cherry-picker on site which can get through doorways and then extend out and up … I know one or two people have been very impressed with it! We are beginning to collect a few mouldings from inside the church – just fragments sadly – but they will be useful in the redesign work.

You may also have noticed that the contractors are allowing our Churchyard team into the perimeter of the churchyard, to keep it looking as tidy and well-cared for as usual. This is such a bonus, as it means that those who are currently unable to visit graves of loved-ones will at least be reassured to know that the churchyard is still being tended. I am very grateful to Linford’s for their understanding and their supervision.

The bell-ringing team are still keeping their hand in, and have been welcomed at Offchurch in the interim, for which we are very grateful.

I have had some lovely cards and letters from people in the last few weeks; one particular note stands out from a young boy who doesn’t live in the village, but passed the church on his way into Leamington and wrote to me, saying how sorry he was about the church and offering the use of the digger and lifting equipment they have on their farm!
Plans are also being made for some Fund Raising events and John Taylor’s Funeral Service are running a Garage Sale this coming weekend – see below.

Barford Church are having a choir concert towards the end of May – more details to follow.

We are also in the process of setting up a website, which will help everyone who likes keeping up with information online. The address will be www.stnicholasrestoration.com and there’s a test page up online.

One disappointing note to all this has been the letters that have appeared raising questions about the church’s honesty, and linking the Restoration Fund with the old school building. I understand that the sale of the old school was a difficult issue for the village, but it seems that there is a certain amount of wrong information that has grown up around it.

So I can assure everyone that the church has not benefited from a single penny from the sale of the old school. The agreement was always that the money from the sale (and the interest accruing) would go directly to the school to pay for much needed new classrooms, and other refurbishments as the Governors see fit. The money is therefore not church money at all, and is certainly not available for the Restoration Fund. It is solely for the use of the school, to benefit the children of our village, and is being used for that purpose alone under the direction of the school’s Governing Body.

So the work continues, and once again, “Thank you” to everyone for your continued support. The next major event there should be the bells being removed, and that will be a very interesting day !