Furniture List for donations

Below is a list of the furniture we need through donations.

If you would like to buy an item, or make a donation towards an item, please could you complete the slip at the bottom of this Bulletin here.

 Unit CostNumber NeededTotal £ Needed
Welcome desk + AV console1£4000
Communion Table1£1500
Chairs (50)£8050£4000
Chairs with arms (12)£10012£1200
Folding or stacking chairs (15)£50150£6000
Flower arranging stands£2516£400
Vacuum cleaner£3001£300
Low tables and chairs for children4+£500
2 Churchwarden staves£1252£250
2 kneelers for weddings£602£120
Digital piano,1£1400
or buy a piano key£1688
Communion kneelers£6415£960
Music stand£202£40
Wedding Gift Bibles£1015£150
Visitors book1£30
Archive folder1£40
Bespoke ash table1£340
Movable staging1£4600
Kitchen pack£202£40
Water boiler, crockery (mugs, side plates) new1£1160
Prayer Window1£13,500
Etched Gable 1£16,500
East Window1£12,500
War Memorial1£2,500
Millennium Window1£4,000

Update on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 11:12AM
Please note that items which have been struckthrough have already been funded.

Update on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 10:57AM
Further update

Buying a Chair

We have had a few requests on how to purchase a memorial chair for the new church.

We have chosen 2 types – an upholstered wooden framed chair for everyday use in the Church, and a metal framed stacking chair which will be stored away and got out when we need to seat large numbers of people. The wooden framed chair will cost £80 and the stacking chair £50. We also wish to purchase some wooden framed chairs with arms which will bring the price up to £100.

You may be making your donation or buying your chair in memory of someone. If so, we have made an arrangement with an engraver, who will supply a small plaque and engrave it with the name of your loved one. Please note that only the wooden framed chairs can have plaques.

For those buying a stacking chair, or not wanting a plaque, we are also recording all donations and memorials wherever possible, to keep an archive of the project.

For more information, please download the order form from our Downloads > Documents section, here.

Plants for Sale

Pam Coop will be selling plants in aid of the Restoration Fund.

There will be hanging baskets for sale and Pam will offer a refill service for baskets until the plants run out.

The address is Hill Cottage, 78 Southam Road, Radford Semele. Alternatively you can contact Pam on 01926 427636.

Immanuel’s Ground Concert

Warwick based Quire, Immanuel’s Ground, will be performing at the Radford Semele Church Hall on Saturday 3rd December at 7:30pm. The concert is in aid of the Restoration Fund.

Tickets are priced at £7, and are available from James Fleurty Tel: 01926 315 003.

The Concert is entitled “The Turning Year”, and will feature not only Christmas music of the period 1725 – 1860, much of it from church composers local to Warwickshire, but also takes a look at other church and secular compositions relating to the changing seasons and country customs. These are supported by Readings and anecdotes from a variety of authors and other sources.

The Concert affords another chance this year to bring out the group’s Mummers play, specially created using material and characters from such existing local scripts as those to be found at Pillerton and Ilmington in Warwickshire, Sulgrave in Northants and Lower Heyford in Oxfordshire.

Immanuel’s Ground is Warwick’s West Gallery costumed Quire, singing music from roughly the period 1725 – 1850. This includes not only the sacred music sung in rural parish churches but also secular part-songs, glees and catches and the popular music of the period. The Quire is accompained by a smallnumber of instructments as would have been found in any village band of the time.

Download the Immanuel’s Ground newsletter covering the concert.

For more information on Immanuel’s Ground, please visit their website at

Out of the Blue Family Festival, June 17th-19th

The Out of the Blue Family Festival is a weekend event organised in part to raise money for the restoration of St Nicholas Church in Radford Semele. It will take place at The Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on the Fosse Way.

On Friday, well known humorous Christian writer and speaker, Adrian Plass will be starting the weekend festival in grand and entertaining style, with “An Evening with Adrian Plass”.

On Saturday, there will be a Family Fun Day from 12-noon, with Archery, Bouncy Castle, Alpacas, Games & Activities, Pony Rides, Arts & Crafts, Wandering Magic, Hog Roast, Ice-Creams and Cakes ! There will also be an Open Stage for School Performances, A Top Gear Challenge and much, much more! From 7pm on Saturday, there will be a Concert for Brass and Voice.

On Sunday there will be a Deanery Festival Service at 10:30am.

For more information about the event, including ticket prices and where to purchase tickets, please see the above for Adrian Plass, and here for Saturday and Sunday.

Latest Hinckley Search Society Fundraising Event

On Sunday 13th March, the Hinckley Search Society had another metal detecting event, in aid of the St Nicholas Restoration Fund.

The Hinckley Search Society have now hit £1600 raised for the church. Congratulations to all members of the society !

Mark Pickles, Hinckley Search Society committee member, hands over £280 to Don Simpson

Mark Pickles, Hinckley Search Society committee member, hands over £280.00 to Don Simpson.

The Society has more events planned for later on in the year.

Photo courtesy of W Burton

Hinckley Search Society Hit £1000 raised

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend, the Hinckley Search Society held one of their metal detecting events in Offchurch.

The event raised £160, bringing their total fundraising to date to £1090 !

Congratulations to all who have been involved in the events. The society would like to extend special thanks to Don Simpson for his work in organising the land available for the events. More events are being planned.

Dave Mann handing over the proceeds from the day to Don Simpson

Dave Mann handing over proceeds of the days detecting of £160 to Don Simpson.

Photo courtesy of W Burton.

Regeneration the DVD

REGENERATION The DVD – This is a record of St Nicholas Church, Radford Semele from the 12th Century to the present. It covers early history, archive film and photographs, including the disastrous fire of March 2008 and the events that followed. The film will culminate in the celebration of the reopening of the church after its restoration.

It will be a lasting record of the church’s place in the life of the village. The DVD will be available immediately after the reopening of the church. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go to the Restoration Fund.

If you would like to be informed when the DVD is available, please contact James Fleuty (883708) or Alan Jones (334443).

Martin Green’s Guitar Music CDs

Martin Green is selling CD’s of his own guitar music in aid of the St Nicholas Restoration fund.

These can be purchased for £10 via Martin’s website or by contacting Martin directly on 01926 613466.

Martin’s website also contains lots of information about his music and charitable causes.