Buying a Chair

We have had a few requests on how to purchase a memorial chair for the new church.

We have chosen 2 types – an upholstered wooden framed chair for everyday use in the Church, and a metal framed stacking chair which will be stored away and got out when we need to seat large numbers of people. The wooden framed chair will cost £80 and the stacking chair £50. We also wish to purchase some wooden framed chairs with arms which will bring the price up to £100.

You may be making your donation or buying your chair in memory of someone. If so, we have made an arrangement with an engraver, who will supply a small plaque and engrave it with the name of your loved one. Please note that only the wooden framed chairs can have plaques.

For those buying a stacking chair, or not wanting a plaque, we are also recording all donations and memorials wherever possible, to keep an archive of the project.

For more information, please download the order form from our Downloads > Documents section, here.