Immanuel’s Ground Concert

Warwick based Quire, Immanuel’s Ground, will be performing at the Radford Semele Church Hall on Saturday 3rd December at 7:30pm. The concert is in aid of the Restoration Fund.

Tickets are priced at £7, and are available from James Fleurty Tel: 01926 315 003.

The Concert is entitled “The Turning Year”, and will feature not only Christmas music of the period 1725 – 1860, much of it from church composers local to Warwickshire, but also takes a look at other church and secular compositions relating to the changing seasons and country customs. These are supported by Readings and anecdotes from a variety of authors and other sources.

The Concert affords another chance this year to bring out the group’s Mummers play, specially created using material and characters from such existing local scripts as those to be found at Pillerton and Ilmington in Warwickshire, Sulgrave in Northants and Lower Heyford in Oxfordshire.

Immanuel’s Ground is Warwick’s West Gallery costumed Quire, singing music from roughly the period 1725 – 1850. This includes not only the sacred music sung in rural parish churches but also secular part-songs, glees and catches and the popular music of the period. The Quire is accompained by a smallnumber of instructments as would have been found in any village band of the time.

Download the Immanuel’s Ground newsletter covering the concert.

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